2018 (Free Guide) How to Start Make (Create) a WordPress Blog (Website)

How to Start a WordPress Blog

So, You also wants to start a WordPress Blog:

Do You know that 76.5 million WordPress Blogs out there? I know you have got surprised to know this fact.

Now, Over 50000 WordPress Blogs Start Daily to join the blogger’s Community. Unfortunately, few of them can able to survive in the Internet Market.

And you are also going to add these figures up if you are not sure how to start WordPress blog then stay here. I will guide you to start a WordPress blog step by step. All you need to do is just follow each step to get things done.

Why are People Loving WordPress?

You may be surprised to see that why people are using WordPress? Because there are lots of other blogs platforms available. And people are recommending WordPress for blogs.


There are lots of functionality in WordPress, but as you are a beginner so I will tell you in beginner way to understand why are people using it.

  • It is easy to Design, Manage, and Setup.
  • There are Lots of Plugins to Add Features.
  • It is Search Engine Friendly.
  • WordPress is Open Source.
  • Highly Customization Ability.

Now, What?

You have got the basic idea of WordPress because it is important to get Knowledge of WordPress before installing it.

Things You Will Need to Start a WordPress Blog!

  • A Domain Name (Like Stingtut.com)
  • Hosting (Here You will install your WordPress)
  • And Little Patience ūüėÄ

Step #0. Prepare Yourself

And Now, its time to get some practical Knowledge. You can easily able to install WordPress in your site.

Even 9 Year Old boy can do it:

Most of the blogger chose Blogspot platform to do business. There are too many limitations in it. I will tell you the limitation in another post.

Because in this post I will tell you how you can start a WordPress blog from scratch.

If you don’t have Credit or Debit Card, You can use your friend’s or father’s or any relative’s Debit or Credit Card. Because you will need to buy Domain name and Hosting to get things done easily.

Step #1. Buying Domain Name

Most of the Newbies, Don’t know what is Domain Name?

Look Guys:

This is not a rocket Science. It is a Domain Name just like stingtut.com, Google.com, and Facebook.com. We always use these domain names to access any of the websites on Internet. You will be mastered of WordPress at the end of the post.

You Maybe Wonder:

Hey, which domain Name should I choose?

I will tell you the truth. Actually, It depends on your needs and thinking.

But you will have to choose a certain Niche to write on your WordPress blog. So, I will suggest you, do research what you like to write and choose a Niche.

Then select your creative domain. Make a list of your desired domain Names in a sheet.

Now, head over to Godaddy.com

How to start a WordPress blog

And Enter each domain name one by one. Check if the domain is available or not. If the domain is not available then you will not get it. Moreover, if it is available then you can get your desired domain Name.

Isn’t that cool?

Now, select your domain for the checkout:

Then Go to your Cart.

After that, you will see a page like this.

How to start a wordpress blog

You don’t have to do anything here. Just scroll to the bottom.

And find a Button Continue to Cart and hit that.

Then you will have to choose year term year. That means pay for 5 years or 1 years. I will recommend you to go for 1 year as it will cost you less amount.

Godaddy Year Terms

After Selecting your Year then hit¬†Proceed to Checkout Button.¬†If you are New Customer to Godaddy then You’ll need to create an account there.

So, Click on Continue for New Customers. 

Then Fill all your details there.

And Select your Woking Payment Method. Hit Continue button.

Now, Complete your Payment procedures.


You’ve got your first Domain Name. Now you can brag about yourself in front of your friends. ūüôā

Well, this is the first part. And you easily completed it.

It is not a big deal. But you were able to purchase your Domain Name. Now the next part is that creating a WordPress blog in that domain.

And that is very important part:

Anyways it is also very easy to follow, all you need to do is just keep reading it.

Step #2. Purchasing Webhosting

I hope you successfully purchased your domain. If not then follow all the procedures One by one to purchase the domain name.

It’s time to get web hosting.

I know some of the users don’t know about Hosting.

But Don’t Worry:

I will tell you in brief. Hosting means where you’re all website files are hosted or you can say it as rented in easy language. That is Hosting.

It means you should have to purchase Hosting Account to host your WordPress files there.

There are a lot of Hosting companies. So, Choosing the right one is really a big task. But you don’t have to worry I will tell you each thing from scratch.

Here are the best hosting companies you should know:

  • Bluehost
  • Dreamhost
  • Siteground
  • Hostgator

And there are lots of other hosting companies.

I will tell you how you can create Account on Hostgator hosting and then you can able to install WordPress there.

Now, hit Hostgator.com:

As you can see there are some of the pricing options. And I know you will be confused to see which plan should I choose?

Don’t Worry:

Just choose Baby Plan, because of it Cost you less $$ and give you the best service. Hit Signup Button there on Baby Plan.

After that, you will see a page like this. Saying Register a New Domain and I Already Own This Domain. You have to click on I Already Own This Domain.

How to start a WordPress blog

And then Enter your Domain Name there. Which you bought from Godaddy in Step #1 time to select your Billing plan of Hostgator.

It’s time to select your Billing plan of Hostgator.

How to start a WordPress Blog

Choose your Appropriate Plan. If you want to pay per month then select 1 Month Plan there as I selected. After that, enter your username and security pin for Hostgator Account.

Now, Enter your Billing Information. Hostgator has 2 payment options, 1 is credit card and another one is by PayPal. If you have one of those then you can able to use Hostgator or you can use any local hosting provider who accepts your debit card.

Let’s suppose you have a¬†credit card.

And you filled the form:

Now, You will see Add Additional services. I will recommend you to untick all of them because they will increase $$. After you untick them, you will see your price is lowering down to the hosting charges.

Enter Coupon code to get Discount. Then check I agree with terms and Conditions and hit the checkout button.

Isn’t that simple?

Complete your order and verify your email id.

Now you have the hosting account and you can able to host any of the files on the internet. You can easily able to make any site live with a couple of minutes.

In Next Step I will show you how you can install or create WordPress blog.

Step #3. Setup WordPress Blog

Now, we came to the main part of the starting a WordPress blog.

Actually, installing WordPress in a Domain is very easy. You can also do it. All you need to do is just continue to read and then we can able to hit the milestone.

Yeah! You are at right direction:

Well, you’ve learning attitude that’s why you are reading it too seriously. Just release your stress and head over to the next step.

Now, Check your Mail:

You will get with this Subject РCompleted: Addition of Multi Domain Linux Hosting. Open that mail and find Name Servers.

I will suggest you keep that name server safe. It will look like this:

How to start a WordPress blog

And you know how name server looks like.

Then Open your Godaddy Account. Click on Manage in Domains Category.

After that, you will see your Domain Name there.

How to start a wordpress blogClick on gear Icon. Then click on Manage DNS

You will see Name Server Option there. All you need to do is just change that default name server to your hosting name server. So, that you can use that domain in your hosting account.


It Will Look like this, You will need to change your Nameservers.

Just hit Change button:

Then Enter your Name Server, just like you got the mail. First Name server in the first box and second name server in the second box.

Now, Click on Save Button.



You’ve set your Name server. Most of the time DNS propagate within 48 hours, but as my experience, it will work within 30 minutes.

It’s Time to Learn few things of Hosting:

I know you might get bored by following these things. But trust me when you will see your blog live, you will get GOOSEBUMPS ūüėÄ

Now, Open your Cpanel which you got from Hostgator. You will get the URL of Cpanel in your mail with this Subject РCompleted: Addition of Multi Domain Linux Hosting.

Open that Mail and look for the Cpanel URL and its login details.

Most of the time your Cpanel URL will like yourdomain.com/cpanel and youripaddress/cpanel. I will suggest you go with your domain URL.

Just Collect your Login Details from the Mail and head over to your Cpanel:

After Login, you will have to find out Softaculous, Just like this:

How to start a WordPress Blog

Hit that:

or if you are seeing any WordPress Icon in Cpanel then Hit it.

After it, You will see WordPress Installation Page.

How to start a WordPress blog

Just Hit Install button:





Then You will see a form.

Let’s Cover it step by step:

How to start a WordPress Blog

First one is Software Setup

Choose Protocol to http://www.

Choose Your Domain

In Directory there is wp written. Just delete that wp from there.

And for¬†Database Name don’t need to change anything.

Now, another part is for Database Settings and Site Settings

How to start a WordPress blog

In¬†Database Settings¬†you will see¬†Table Prefix, you don’t need to change it.

In Site Settings, you will see Site Name enter your Site Name there.

Site Descriptions change it according to your blog niche and for Enable Multisite leave it as uncheck.

Now, in next Section, you will see Admin section. Enter your desired username and password, it will help you to login in your WordPress blog Dashboard. So, remember this username and password.

Then Hit Install button to install WordPress in your domain. After a couple of minutes, it will install WordPress.

You’ve successfully installed WordPress in your Blog. Now, you can access your blog by entering yoursite.com¬†or if you want to access WordPress Dashboard then open your domain name like this yoursite.com/wp-admin¬†

Step #4. Design WordPress Blog

You’ve already installed WordPress on your hosting. It is the time to make your blog look good by installing the theme and adding some cool features by adding plugins.

By doing this Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New 

There you will find lots of great themes developed by some of the great developers. You can install those themes for free if you have the budget to get good themes then there are some of the good themes to buy.

You can add many features by going to plugins > Add New

Now, You learned something new today. I hope that this tutorial will help you to start a WordPress blog. However, if you are having any problem then you can comment below and I will be here to give you best advice.

Thanks for Reading! ūüôā

Have a Nice Day!


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